pest control services
Various species of pests thrive in Queensland due to the ideal climate. Common pests include the Silver leaf whitefly, potato moth, Queensland fruit fly, cockroaches, and termites.
Because of recent weather changes, pest activity in Queensland has surged.
The number of people requesting pest inspections has also dramatically increased.
Pests can cause serious damage to agricultural yields and land fertility. Globally, rodents consume one-fifth of the world’s food supply. In Queensland, silverfish, mice, and termites are the main culprits.

Pest control protects you and your family from inconveniences caused by pests. You also get to eliminate insects, rodents, or bird pests which cause health hazards. Without health control regulations, food regulation and sanitation aren’t achieved.


Animals are vulnerable to diseases caused by pests. Some pests transmit diseases from animals to humans. They include Brucellosis, Ringworms, and Hendra Virus. Pest control prevents further infestations.

Rodents can cause problems. They can also carry other pests such as mites, ticks, and fleas. These pests can be dangerous. These parasites can spread diseases like malaria, plagues, and Lyme disease, which can be dangerous to both human and animal populations.

The first step to protecting yourself against these pests is by utilizing local pest control experts services. This is where Instant Pest Solutions is on hand to give you a pest control service to eradicate your pest problem. You can also try conducting DIY pest management yourself, but we highly recommend a professional, as the correct chemicals used could cause a health risk if not used correctly. Below is a list of common pests and the approved ways to get rid of them;

Termites can inflict significant structural damage. They wreak considerably greater havoc on crops. Because they reside underground, their existence is usually undiscovered. The working class is quite powerful. They lack wings, are blond, and are infertile.

Termites care for their young, defend their eggs, construct their nests, and acquire food. The reproductive class has eyes, wings, and a reproductive system that works. Their main purpose is to build colonies. Termites are the most devastating pests in Queensland and around the world.